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Utilizing IoT and Drones on the Frontline of Smart Agriculture

The key to smart agriculture is the utilization of robots, AI, IoT, ICT and other advanced technologies. Introducing self-driving tractors, self-navigating drones, yield combine harvesters, harvesting robots, drones and other technologies into agriculture will solve long-standing challenges and secure a workforce of skilled workers while saving on labor and manpower. The goal is to realize a new and advanced form of agriculture in which yield and quality improve, costs decrease, and incomes increases.

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Pursuing Higher Precision in Inertial Force Sensors for Safe Self-Driving Cars (Part 1 of 2)

The era of self-driving cars traveling on city streets is fast approaching. There are great expectations for the practical application of self-driving cars as solutions to many social issues, such as securing safe means of transportation, and reducing traffic congestion and accidents. However, it is not easy to replace the advanced driving skills of a human driver with those of computers and artificial intelligence.
To achieve this, it is essential to introduce cutting-edge technology.

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