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Smart Factories: Giving Form to Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

The Inseparable Relationship Between Digital Transformation and Decarbonization and Technologies Essential for a Sustainable Manufacturing Industry

We explain here trends in the use of the latest technologies for decarbonization, which is one of the mega-trends surrounding the manufacturing industry. Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, which is being tackled in smart factories, and decarbonization efforts are two sides of the same coin. It will be important to introduce and utilize advanced information processing technologies such as IoT, AI, and digital twins as a means of realizing RE100-compliant factories.

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Electrification of Aircraft Engines and the Latest Autopilot System Technologies

Aircraft engines have strict safety standards. Therefore, electrifying them has been considered unfeasible on both a technical and commercial basis. However, it is becoming increasingly likely that it will be possible to electrify aircraft engines due to the development of lightweight materials and the progress of electronics technologies. How far have aircraft engine electrification and autopilot systems progressed now? We explain here the current state and future of electric aircraft engines and autopilot systems as well as the latest information on realizing them, with a focus on electronics technologies.

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Energy-Saving Technology and Carbon Neutrality on High-Speed Railways

Railways are more energy-efficient than other modes of passenger transportation, with CO2 emissions per ton-kilometer roughly one-seventh those of passenger cars. This is due to the energy-saving effects of power electronics, the electronics technology garnering the most attention amid calls to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality. This article explains the evolution and principles of power electronics for drive motors in rolling stock (electric trains).

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