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Murata Manufacturing’s New Data Business Formed Through B2B Alliances (Part 1) - Creating New Businesses with Local Partners

The role of B2B alliances is becoming ever more important when transitioning from the conventional business model of manufacturing and selling electronic components toward providing a data-selling service. On this occasion, we spoke to Mr. Tsumori of Murata, who operates the “Traffic Counter System,” and Mr. Haruno Subiyanto, a representative of a local partner with whom we have formed an alliance to expand our operations in Indonesia.

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Installing Electronic Circuits of Dramatically Increasing Size into Compact Devices - Murata's MLCC for 5G Smartphones (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2, we talked about the difficulties in developing MLCC-specific manufacturing technology and the technology that solved our issues, as well as why Murata’s development system is so strong and continues to lead the way in miniaturizing and increasing the capacitance of MLCCs. Murata engineers also explained the prospects for further miniaturization and capacitance expansion of MLCCs.

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Ultra-Compact, Low-Power-Consumption Cellular LPWA Modules, Enabling All Kinds of Internet Connections (Part 1 of 2)

In recent years, IoT has made it possible to collect detailed data from various locations in the real world, but there have been challenges in collecting data over long distances of several kilometers. Murata has developed a cellular LPWA module that enables long-distance wireless communication with ultra-small size and low power consumption, and also enables reliable data collection without the need for specialized expertise in wireless communication. We interviewed the people in charge about the envisioned usage scenarios and the efforts being made in the development process.

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Murata's Vehicle-mounted Inductor Products for Supporting Advancements in Vehicle-mounted Networks Through Timely and Appropriate Product Development (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2, we focus on two product categories among the vehicle-mounted inductor products developed and provided by Murata, and we asked engineers about the strengths of these products and the direction of future advancements.

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