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Contributing to the Realization of Society 5.0 with “Proximity and Force Sensor” and “Invisible ID Tags”

The future of a society in which digital technology plays a major part in our everyday lives is upon us. there is demand for ever more sophisticated interface technology closely connecting humans and machines and technology linking things and data. Murata Manufacturing has developed a “proximity and force sensor” that paves the way toward innovations in human–machine interfaces (HMIs), and “invisible ID tags” that make it possible to append authentication information without reducing the attractiveness of the product design. Examples of both were revealed at CEATEC 2023.

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Achieving a Prosperous and Continuous Society Through a Fusion of the Real and the Virtual – How Murata is Supporting the Realization of the Vision of the Future

Digital transformation and the solving of social issues are the key to creating a prosperous and more sustainable future. We spoke to Murata's president, Norio Nakajima, and asked him about the shape of the future society that Murata envisions, the significance of Murata's business reform, and the direction of technological developments that the company is working on in order to realize this vision.

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3D City Models Accelerate the Creation of Smart Cities and Digital Twins, Data-Driven Efforts in Electronics

Sophisticated 3D city models are indispensable for creating smart cities and digital twins. Many countries are developing and establishing open data compatible with the international standard CityGML. This article presents various applications of sophisticated 3D city models—including city planning, disaster prevention planning, and simulating the installation and operation of electronic equipment—using Plateau, Japan’s CityGML-compatible 3D city model considered to be the most extensive in the world.

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