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Supporting Decarbonization with “Underwater CO2 Sensor” and “Lightweight Heat Transfer Material Employing Biomass Materials”

In recent years, environmental performance supporting decarbonization or recycling has become an important consideration for consumers when choosing to purchase products or services. Murata Manufacturing has developed an “underwater CO2 sensor” that will help promote blue carbon transactions and a “lightweight heat transfer material employing biomass materials” for heat dissipation in automobiles, which are becoming “smarter.” Murata continues to press forward with efforts to boost the added value of products and businesses through technological innovation at the level of components and materials.

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Considering Air Quality to Reduce the Risk of COVID Infection (Part 1)—Measuring CO2 Concentration to Visualize Air Quality and Ensure Proper Ventilation

For society to recover and progress in this post-pandemic era, we need to reduce the risk of infection at schools, offices, and other places where people gather. To achieve this, we must avoid the three Cs: closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings. Toward that end, ventilation is especially important for preventing airborne infections. A new method of discerning and announcing the proper timing for ventilation is gaining attention: using CO2 sensors to visualize air quality.

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