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Pick Up Products! Common Mode Choke Coils for Automotive


Pick-up products! Large-current PLT10H series SMD common mode choke coil for automotive

Up until now, we have been giving basic information about parts in the EMICON-Fun! articles. In this new series of 'Pick-up products!' articles, we will be introducing highlighted products not offered by other companies. The first part in this series is about large-current PLT10H series SMD common mode choke coil for automobiles. This article gives an overview of the product, and succeeding articles will discuss the effects of actually using the product.

The PLT10H is a revised version of the lead-type PLT09H common mode choke coil that has been a firm favorite in the past, and that was made into an SMD-type and exhibits drastic expansion of rated current and enhanced reliability. Rated current was greatly improved from the previous 3A to a maximum of 10A,* enabling its potential use in a wider range of applications. The previous type was only available with one inductance variation, but the number of variations for this type has been increased to four, ranging from 6μH to 20μH. Moreover, the coil's coupling coefficient can be controlled to give it the most appropriate differential mode inductance, making it effective against not only common mode noise, but also differential mode noise. Operating temperature ranges from -55ºC to +125ºC, making these coils perfect for vehicle accessory motor power supplies.

*Derating of rated current may be required depending on operating temperature.
For details on use of the product, please see the product specification for approval.

◆Equivalent circuit
◆Rated value

*Derating of rated current may be required depending on operating temperature.

◆Common mode impedance-frequency characteristics

◆PLT10H product information can be found at the following URL:
PLT10H series

From the next article, we will discuss example experiments on noise-reducing effects with an actual "PLT10H" .

The information presented in this article was current as of the date of publication. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.

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