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Supporting the Realization of a Super-Smart Society: Murata Continues to Respond to the Demands of the Times

The super-smart society that has been the aim of Society 5.0 is coming. A super-smart society that materializes mega trends such as digital transformation (DX) and decarbonization will use greater quantities of more advanced electronic components than ever before to make full use of the latest communication and information processing technologies such as IoT, AI, and 5G. Norio Nakajima, President of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has a responsibility to supply electronic components required by the times, talks about the company’s future role and the ways in which Murata will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

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Murata Manufacturing’s New Data Business Formed Through B2B Alliances (Part 1) - Creating New Businesses with Local Partners

The role of B2B alliances is becoming ever more important when transitioning from the conventional business model of manufacturing and selling electronic components toward providing a data-selling service. On this occasion, we spoke to Mr. Tsumori of Murata, who operates the “Traffic Counter System,” and Mr. Haruno Subiyanto, a representative of a local partner with whom we have formed an alliance to expand our operations in Indonesia.

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