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Ultra-Compact, Low-Power-Consumption Cellular LPWA Modules, Enabling All Kinds of Internet Connections (Part 1 of 2)

In recent years, IoT has made it possible to collect detailed data from various locations in the real world, but there have been challenges in collecting data over long distances of several kilometers. Murata has developed a cellular LPWA module that enables long-distance wireless communication with ultra-small size and low power consumption, and also enables reliable data collection without the need for specialized expertise in wireless communication. We interviewed the people in charge about the envisioned usage scenarios and the efforts being made in the development process.

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The sensor-based “predictive maintenance” implementation at Murata's Fukui Manufacturing facility(Part 1 of 2)

Since the popularization of the word “IoT,” many have recognized the necessity of its implementation in various industrial fields. This interview is a discussion presenting the points to advancing the integration of IoT technology in manufacturing sites in addition to the results and background of the implementation of IoT technology at Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co.

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