5G Local Networks

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5G Local Networks

In recent times with unscalable Wi-fi hotspots being overloaded unable to meet rapidly increasing demands for higher capacity and data speeds. The reliability and scalability of networks has become increasingly important to enterprises.

Private 5G networks are becoming increasingly important in addressing critical wireless communication requirements in public safety, operations of industries and critical infrastructure. These private networks are physical or virtual cellular systems that are already being development to address the needs of government and enterprises alike.

There are two methods in deploying a local or private 5G network.

  1. A physically isolated private 5G network independent of the mobile operator's public 5G network. This method can be built by both, enterprises and mobile operators.
  2. The second is to build a private 5G network by sharing the mobile operator's public 5G network resources in this instance the mobile operator will build private 5G networks.


The integration of 5G ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) in the manufacturing process will make smart factories more efficient and productive. URLLC with ultra-high availability and resilience can best be leveraged using a dedicated local network deployment.

5G is likely to support a number of use cases within the manufacturing optimising production, and efficiency as part of Industry4.0. The benefits are vast but are likely to support critical systems such as predictive maintenance but will expand to include robotics and flexible production lines.

Benefits of 5G in Manufacturing

  • Network slicing: 5G network has the capability create multiple virtual networks for specific service and traffic.
  • Control: Local 5G network are deployed in-house, the owner of the network will have complete control over every aspect of the network.
  • Bandwidth: 5G will allow large quantities of data to be transmitted over the network.
  • Security: The network will be able to set up its own security policies.
  • Wireless: Local private network will replace the need for wired technologies like Ethernet in factories, as they are unsuitable for connecting large number of small devices.

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