Noise suppression technologies/case study introduction (Consumer)

Service Robot Noise Suppression-1(1/3)

1. What Are Service Robots?

We can broadly divide robots into industrial robots and service robots. Unlike industrial robots used in factories and other work sites, service robots refer to robots used to support everyday life.
It is expected that service robots will be used in nursing care and various other situations in the future. Accordingly, even a slight malfunction due to a noise problem in a robot may lead to a risk to life.
As we enter the era in which robots exist in the sphere of life of people, noise suppression is becoming important to ensure service robots do not fail or malfunction.

Diagram of Robots

2. Difference with General Home Appliances

The main difference between robots and general consumer products (e.g., home appliances) is that robots are equipped with motors.
The other technology used in robots is the same as in consumer products. Therefore, it is only the motor part that is technology specific to robots.

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

3. Noise Problems in Service Robots

There are two possible noise problems in service robots.
First, there is the emission problem in which radiation noise is generated when the motor is driven, adversely affecting the peripheral equipment. Service robots are also used in homes and elsewhere. Therefore, the required noise suppression requirements are strict.
Next, there is the immunity problem in which service robots malfunction due to noise flowing in from outside, potentially causing harm to humans. LTE, Wi-Fi and other wireless communication radio waves crisscross in homes. If those radio waves become external noise and penetrate the electronic circuits inside robots, the robots may malfunction and cause harm to humans. Accordingly, we anticipate a high level of immunity resistance will be required.
We now introduce respective noise suppression methods for these noise problems.

Emission Problem: Radiation noise is generated when the motor is driven, and can adversely affect other equipment.
Immunity Problem: Service robots malfunction due to external noise, potentially causing harm to humans.

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