Component Technology for 5G

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Component Technology for 5G

5G promises great things, but to reach its potential it also requires significant technological advancements. We look at what is possible, what is needed and how component-level innovation is crucial to commercial success.

5G Challenges

The long-awaited 5G rollout is underway. Consumers in more than 20 countries can now access 5G speeds on their smartphones. 
Over the next few years, standardization will pave the way for huge throughput, latency and availability enhancements that promise to unleash the benefits of 5G to many new industries and applications. 

For organizations to achieve the promised commercial success, however, the 5G ecosystem will have to mitigate component-level risks around many issues, including:

Thermal management
Battery life
Low latency

5G Market

Murata has been committed to innovation in telecommunications since before 1G and continues to be a major contributor of high performance components for 5G, from infrastructure, through handsets to miniaturized IoT devices.
Our advances in miniaturization, performance, efficiency and power management provide solutions to many of these risks for organisations investing in technologies for:

5G enhanced mobile broadband
Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) delivering much faster, low-latency and massive machine type communications (mMTC) to optimise user experience and herald many applications.
5G massive IoT
Massive IoT refers to applications that are less latency sensitive and have relatively low throughput requirements, but require a huge volume of low-cost, low-energy consumption devices on a network with excellent coverage.
5G mission-critical communications
Ensuring secure communications to first responders, governments and industries. From dedicated networks to commercial mobile networks with specialist embedded mission-critical capabilities.
5G local networks
Private network with unified connectivity, secure means of communication within a specific area. It will deliver the speed, latency and other benefits promised by 5G to support next-generation applications.

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5G: Managing componet-level risks to commercial success

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5G: Managing componet-level risks to commercial success


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