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World's highest inductance values! Expanded lineup of ultra-compact 0201-inch (0603mm)-size high-frequency chip inductors for smartphones -the LQP03TN_02 series-


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has added 0201-inch (0603mm)-size film-type chip inductors with the world's highest inductance value (up to 270 nH) to the company's LQP03TN_02 series product lineup. These inductors are optimal for use in high-frequency circuits in smartphones, mobile phones, and other small mobile devices. We have increased the inductance values of our ultra-compact 0201-inch (0603mm)-size (0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3mm) high-frequency film-type chip inductors,*1 so that the Murata lineup now includes products with inductances from 130 nH to 270 nH in addition to previously available products with inductances from 0.6 nH to 120 nH.

<Background of product development>

As smartphones and other compact mobile devices come to support multiple frequencies, and have more and more functions that have become more sophisticated, a greater number of parts are being mounted. Yet these mobile devices are becoming smaller and smaller, raising the need for even smaller and thinner chip inductors. With this background, a major challenge has been to achieve high inductance while reducing the size of parts.

By applying Murata's unique microfabrication technology and revising the internal structure, we have been able to form optimal coils for the interior to achieve the world's highest inductance for the ultra-compact 0201-inch (0603mm) size while maintaining world-class Q.*2 Up until now, Murata's 0201-inch (0603mm)-size high-frequency chip inductors could only achieve inductance values of 0.6-120 nH. We have now increased this to 150 - 270 nH, thereby increasing the degree of freedom in circuit design. The inductance deviation is ±5%. Going forward, we will continue to decrease this deviation while simultaneously increasing the inductance values.

This product does not use any substances that are restricted by the RoHS directive.*3


  • Ultra-compact, ultra-thin 0201-inch (0603 mm) size (0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm) 
  • Achieves the industry's highest inductance values and a high Q 
     in the high-frequency region in the 0201-inch (0603 mm) size
  • Inductance value: 130 nH - 270 nH
  • Inductance deviation: ±5%


    High frequency circuits of mobile phones such as PA, ANT, VCO, SAW, etc.
    Digital TV tuners
    General high-frequency circuits

<Part Number>


<Chart of characteristic data>


<Rated Value>





*1 Inductor:
Together with capacitors and resistors, they are basic components in electronic circuits, and are also known as coils. In terms of their main applications, they can be divided into two categories: signal-type inductors and power supply-type inductors. "High-frequency inductors"  belong to the signal-type category and are inductors that are used especially in high-frequency circuits, for example. In circuits that convey electrical signals, they are mainly used for frequency matching and as filters. Power supply-type inductors play noise suppression, smoothing, and other roles in circuits that supply power to semiconductors.

*2 Q:
 "Q" refers to the quality factor (or Q factor). It is a measure of the sharpness of resonance.
The higher this factor, the lower the loss in the high-frequency regions, and the better the inductor.

*3 RoHS Directive: 
A directive that restricts the use of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and PBDE.



• This news release was prepared based on the information posted on our website in August 2012.
• For further information about Murata inductors, visit the following websites.


▼ High-frequency inductors website
▼ LQP03TN_02 series

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