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Convenient functions of capacitors web site

Available from the capacitor product detail page!


Since updating our ceramic capacitors web site in 2008, customers have sent many requests of various types to Murata. 

We have used these inquiries to update our ceramic capacitor web site and its search system.

Here's an introduction to the added functions, showing you the types of information available for browsing and downloading.

1. Reference spec downloading

Download product reference spec in PDF format from our product detail page.

2. Reliability test data (typical values)

Reliability data (typical values) has been posted to the capacitor top page.

* Reliability data is categorized according to size and temperature properties and can be downloaded as compressed files for each size.

3. Data sheet printing and saving

Information from the product detail page can be saved in PDF format and printed.

(P. 1: Shape, specs, reference information; P. 2: Properties data graph)

4. S Parameter, Netlist downloads

S Parameter and Netlist can be downloaded from the product detail page.


5. Other

•Weight of the product, and weight of product in packaging, added as reference information

•Function to recommend smaller products
If there is a smaller version of the searched product, the message "Smaller items available" appears to the right of the status.
(This is only displayed if the series, rated voltage and capacitance match.)
* Click to display search results for the given conditions, then select a product.


The page offers several other convenient functions and a variety of technical information. Be sure to check the product information page on our capacitor web site.

Person in charge Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Satoru Hirano

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