The future of automotive electronics

Component business offers one-stop procurement from a full product line

Whether in autonomous or electric vehicles, automotive advances rely on electronics technologies.
Murata pursues a vision essential to tomorrow's vehicles.

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Senior Executive Vice President
Components Business Unit
Representative Director

Toru Inoue


Murata: the technology storehouse for today's automotive industry

From radios to smartphones, Murata has always exceled in pioneering solutions and developing groundbreaking electronic technology. Today, high-tech motor-vehicles are no exception to the need for solutions of this kind. Many modern types of automobile rely heavily on electronic innovations, such as electronic power trains and vehicles equipped with ECU devices, not to mention the spread of ADAS applications that fall into Murata's specialist domain.

Our MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor), both internally designed and developed, has been seamlessly adapted to integrate with the next generation of entertainment devices such as the latest radios, televisions, and computers. We have a proven track record of developing components that evolve along with the industry – now, we're applying this expertise to today's automobile sector.


Turnkey Production

For automobiles, however, greater durability is required than for other electronic applications. Our strong product-output developments make turnkey production possible, from in-house raw material acquisition, designing, and planning, to final production. Since we have our own production system, we can differentiate our products from those of other companies. 

Among all our outstanding products, MLCCs are the core of our component business, and we have the widest ranging line-up of options in the industry, enabling us to provide customized solutions for any requirement.


Industry Technology Storehouse

Murata is becoming our industry's storehouse of technology, leading the way in MLCC as well as other components, such as electric double-layer capacitors, silicon capacitors, and polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This means that, with Murata, customers can get everything they need simply through one channel. 

We are also focusing on absorbing outside technologies through M&A. For example, Murata recently acquired a French company that excels in temperature resistant silicon capacitors; these can even tolerate over 200-degree Celsius conditions, and have now become tools in our storehouse. Another example comes from a joint venture with a firm whose film capacitors can tolerate 125-degree Celsius temperatures and still function properly. These will be coming to the market soon. Furthermore, we now have a new and improved power inductor alongside our traditional high-frequency inductors specific to automobiles. We pride ourselves in providing such excellent power inductors in the midst of increasing demand for electric vehicles with ethernet networks. 

Murata's product portfolio consists of a wide range of established and pioneered capacitor and inductor technologies as well as products that have been partially outsourced and acquired in order to help us achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.  As your turnkey solution provider and industrial partner, we develop and produce a large number of customizable product applications based on client requests and local conditions. Our rich experience in leading by applying pioneering technologies and production practices ensures our capability to meet and even exceed any of your requirements. 

As the automotive industry forges ahead with innovations that are making vehicles safer, greener and more consumer-friendly than ever before, high quality electronic solutions are becoming a mainstay of automobile manufacturing. At Murata, we've built our reputation in part on our capacitors – from our specialism in multi-layer ceramic capacitors, to our recent acquisition of a pioneering range of temperature-resistant silicon capacitators. By melding internal innovation with strategic acquisitions, we are completely equipped to handle demands and challenges of today's automotive business, becoming the one-stop storehouse for the industry's component needs.

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