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Whether in autonomous or electric vehicles, automotive advances rely on electronics technologies.
Murata pursues a vision essential to tomorrow's vehicles.

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Norio Nakajima


Murata: meeting the needs of the next generation of drivers

In the global automotive industry, the pace of development shows no sign of slowing down. Whether it’s state of the art entertainment systems or automated safety features, motor vehicles are increasingly reliant on top-grade electronic systems and components to meet the competing demands of consumers and governments. 

As a leading manufacturer of components for a vast variety of devices, Murata has always been at the forefront of research and development, and recently we have been bringing this energy to the automotive industry. Building on our achievements so far, our ultimate ambition is to achieve an accident-free driving environment while promoting maximum comfort and environmental responsibility. Our electronic devices are compact and can even be made thinner or miniaturized, making them ideal for microfabrication and MLCCs. In the automotive sector, our work is shaped by three core priorities: safety, energy efficiency and comfort.



Technologies such as our safety systems with MEMS - including speed, accuracy, reliable stability control and biometric sensors - will make roads much safer places. We have size-reduced communication modules and sensors that have been applied to smartphone manufacturing and have been developed and improved through the years, to collect data from cameras, radar sensors, ultrasonic sonar devices and human heart-rate monitors. These have been applied to skid prevention, airbag deployment, and the latest automatic parking functions.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy-dense battery system offers a reliable source of energy and a superb energy management system for evolving electronic power trains. Our specialty, multi-layer technology is indispensable to realizing safety while achieving high production- and cost-efficiency.


As well as providing the next step in essential automotive technology for safety and longevity, we also provide incomparable entertainment features such as smartphone and head-mounted display synchronization through our thin and miniaturized network devices.


Why Murata?

Murata has a successful track record in developing electronic components and technologies for a vast array of applications, and we recognize the unique design challenges associated with automotive applications. As a result, we continue to invest heavily in anticipating the demands of present and future drivers. Communication modules use a wide range of protocols, from Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth™ for smartphones to radar and lidar for collision prevention. We also employ LTE 5G (LPWAN) for communication among multiple vehicles, and continue to improve the excellent reliability and accuracy of our superior sensor technology. 

From our long-standing work at the forefront of new technology to the latest collaborations with researchers and innovators from around the globe, Murata has built up a reputation as an adaptable and forward-thinking manufacturer of component technology. Tracking the changes in the automotive industry, we’ve seen an ever-greater demand for eco-friendly and socially responsible solutions, as well as effective safety features and up-to-the-minute entertainment facilities. All of this presents new challenges for the future, but with our continued drive for excellence and high-caliber expertise, Murata can and will adapt to all next-generation network protocols, meeting the latest automotive standards and exceeding consumer expectations.

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